Unix-style approach to web application testing

Author: dnet

SANS Institute accepted my GWAPT Gold Paper about Unix-style approach to web application testing, the paper is now published in the Reading Room.

The paper introduces several problems I’ve been facing while testing web applications, which converged in a common direction. Burp Suite is known by most and used by many professionals in this field, and while it’s extensible, writing such bits of software have a higher barrier of entry than the budgets of some project would allow for a one-off throwaway tool. Our solution, Piper is introduced through real-world examples to demonstrate its usage and the fact that it’s worth using it. I tried showing alternatives to each subset of the functionality to stimulate critical thinking in the minds of fellow penetration testers, since this tool is not a silver bullet either. By describing the landscape in a thorough manner, I hope everyone can learn to pick the best tool for the job, which might or might not be Piper.

The full Gold Paper can be downloaded from the website of SANS Institute:

Unix-style approach to web application testing

The accompanying code is available on GitHub. For those who prefer video content, only have 2 minutes, or find the whole idea too abstract, we made a short demonstration of the basic features below. If you’re interested in deeper internals, there’s also a longer, 45-minutes talk about it.